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14 January 2013
SSIA Sets a 2012 Consolidated Net Profit Record of More Than Rp700 Billion
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07 November 2012
SSIA Posted Rp 551 Billion of Net Profit for Nine Months of 2012
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31 October 2012
EGMS PT SSIA Approves Business Development in Infrastructure and Appointment of Unaffiliated Director
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31 July 2012
SSIA Posted Rp372 Billion of Net Profit for First Half of 2012
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30 April 2012
SSIA Posted Rp 222.7 Billion of Net Profit for First Quarter of 2012
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07 January 2012
Due Diligence & Public Expose of Surya Semesta Internusa Bond Offer I 2012 with fixed interest rate
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