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06 September 2022
Suryacipta Collaborates with NYPi to Develop a TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) Center in Subang Smartpolitan
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14 June 2022
SSIA Posted Rp766 billion of Revenue in 1Q22, Solid Marketing Sales YTD
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09 June 2022
SSIA to Increase Land Sales from Karawang and Subang in 2022
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07 June 2022
Accelerating Subang Smarpolitan, SSIA Released Shares in Two Companies
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13 April 2022
SSIA Posted Rp2,353 Billion of Revenue in FY21, Marketing Sales Increased 82% YOY
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01 March 2022
Hilton to Debut LXR Hotels & Resorts in South East Asia
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